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An unaccompanied minor is a child of five to fourteen years of age travelling alone. Cayman Airways does not accept children of one to four years of age to travel as unaccompanied minors. There are a maximum number of four unaccompanied minors allowed on each flight. Passengers between the ages of fifteen and sixteen are eligible to travel as UMs and may request the UM service, (which is not mandatory). Passengers sixteen years and over may escort a minor and as such children traveling with a person age 16 or older are not considered Unaccompanied Minors


At the time of making reservations customers are expected to advise the airline if a child is travelling unaccompanied.

Unaccompanied Minors to Havana

Children travelling from Grand Cayman to Havana need a notarized letter upon check-in. It must include the following: name/s of children travelling, date of travel (if they change dates they will have to attain a new notarized letter with new dates), flight number/carrier, and the telephone contact and address of persons picking them up in Cuba.


If travelling internationally parents/guardians of the unaccompanied minor are to complete the immigration form, customs form and the special service form. Parents/guardians are requested to remain at the airport until the flight has departed.


There is a charge of US$30.00 each way for unaccompanied minors travelling within the Caribbean including the SISTER ISLANDS. To and from the USA there is a charge of US$75.00 each way on Cayman Airways flights.

Unaccompanied Minors (UMNR) Interline or Online Intransit Travel 

Because of logistics and liability concerns, Cayman Airways does not accept Unaccompanied Minors for interline or online in-transit travel. (e.g., MIA/GCM/HAV, PTY/GCM/MIA)

The Company reserves the right through Tariff regulations to state its policy in regard to unaccompanied children (UM) to be carried.