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Ship In Advance

It is strongly recommended that you avoid last minute shipping. This will ensure that space is available and will let you avoid premiums.

Check Minimum Charges

Ask your agent for a listing of the various weight classes.

Talk To The Pros

Contact any of our Cargo offices and talk to our experts. Cayman Airways Cargo agents will be happy to advise you on the rates and services.

Complete The Necessary Shipping Forms

There is one simple form which must accompany all shipments. The Shippers Security Endorsement (SSE) can be downloaded from here and completed at your convenience or you can complete this brief form at the Cargo Office.  Note: You must bring government issued identification with you at that time.

Bring 3 Copies Of Invoice

You'll need 3 copies of the commercial invoice that will accompany your shipment. Bring these with you to the Cargo Office. Ensure that you have the correct name, address and contact number on all invoices

Ship Items Unassembled When Possible

If you have light bulky items, mix them with heavy items so that you don't pay too much for the volume.

Save Your Air Waybill

The air waybill confirms that your goods have been accepted as an air cargo shipment. Also, make sure to state the declared value of your goods on the air waybill especially for valuable shipments.