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Early Check-in for Grand Cayman

Passengers traveling on Cayman Airways have the option of check-in the day prior to their flight at the Owen Roberts Airport. Early check-in is available 5-7pm every evening.

Passengers travelling without any checked baggage can go straight to the security checkpoint the following day, however, passengers needing to check luggage will be required to drop it off at the 'Fast Bag' drop off, located at the Cayman Airways Airport Ticket desk.

Entry Requirements

Cayman Airways wants to ensure that all of our valued customers have a seamless travel experience when they choose to fly with us.For entry requirements visit our entry requirements page for information and links to assist you in your research to and from the Cayman Islands.


Custom and Immigration forms are required at each destination served by Cayman Airways. These are normally handed out during the flight by our Flight attendants. Should you require assistance in completing the forms they will be happy to assist you before landing. Having your forms properly filled in before landing can save you a lot of time and bother.


We want to make sure your baggage is returned to you in the order in which it was received, so please help us provide the best possible service by following these guidelines:

  • Make sure all checked baggage has your name on a label on the outside. We will provide free labels to you at all Cayman Airways airport locations. Also, please ensure that you place identification (name, address, telephone number) inside your luggage.
  • Never place money, cameras, binoculars, fragile items or valuables such as jewelry in luggage you plan to check.
  • Always carry medicines, keys, passports or other valuable papers in your hand luggage.
  • Choose bags that will properly protect the contents and withstand normal handling.
  • Avoid over packing. Due to airport security regulations, please refrain from locking your baggage.
  • You may carry portable devices such as CD players, MP3 Players, and Laptops, etc. but please do not play radios in flight since their frequency may interfere with navigation instruments.
  • Carry-on items are restricted to those which can be stowed under a passenger seat or in an approved overhead compartment.
  • Care should be taken in stowing any item overhead to prevent objects from falling when the compartments are opened.
  • Very heavy hand luggage placed under a passenger seat will ensure a safe cabin environment for you.