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All airlines flying into and within the United States are now required to collect additional "Secure Flight Passenger Data" at the point of booking, including:

  • Your full name, exactly as it appears on the current (non-expired) government-issued photo ID that you will be traveling with
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • The TSA-issued Redress Number* (if applicable)

Therefore, as of October 31st, 2009, Cayman Airways will begin collecting this additional information from customers booking flights with us. The information you provide will automatically be sent electronically to TSA to be checked against their “No Fly” and “Selectee” watch lists.

How Does Secure Flight Make Travel Better for You?
By providing all of this information, your chances of being misidentified on the TSA’s terrorist watch-lists are greatly reduced.

What if your name is a watch-list match?
If you do not provide the required information upon booking your flight, and your name does appear to be a match against any TSA watch list upon check-in at the airport, you will not be allowed to board your flight until your full identity can be determined and cleared by the TSA. It is therefore to your advantage to provide all of the above information from the time you book your flight in order to prevent delays or inconveniences for you at the airport.

How will this change your travel experience?
By providing this information in advance, most passengers will not experience any differences from the way they traveled before as a result of Secure Flight.

*Has your name matched TSA watch lists in the past?
Those who believe they have been mistakenly matched to a name on the watch lists in the past are invited to apply for a Redress Number through the Department of Homeland Security Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP). This number will help prevent future misidentifications for passengers. For more information on the redress process, visit

Want to Know More?
Please visit the TSA's Secure Flight web page for more details.