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Q. What if I have a shipment going to Panama from another country and I need to get the shipment to KXCargo?
A. Email with the shipment details.  Your shipping process is option 2.

Q. Can I deliver my shipment to KXCargo in Panama?
A. No. It must go through the export process which is completed by a freight forwarder or a logistics services provider. KXCargo can provide this service if you wish.

Q. Are there set fees to get my goods to KXCargo? 
A. There are fixed or variable fees, depending on which option is selected.

Q. What are the size restrictions for packages traveling on passenger aircraft?
A. Each cargo piece must fit within the dimensions of the aircraft doorway, which measure 48” in length and 34” in height.

Q. What is the weight limit per piece for cargo?
A. Each cargo piece should not exceed a weight of 99lbs or 45kg. Exceptions to this limit can be arranged with prior notice to the PTY & GCM stations for increased weight limits. 

Q. Can goods/products classified as Dangerous Goods travel on passenger aircraft?
A. Dangerous Goods approved by IATA DG Regulations can travel aboard passenger aircraft once proper procedures for declaration and documentation have been completed. For more information email

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