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CAL celebrates promotions and new hires of Caymanian pilots

Cayman Airways Limited (CAL) officials, colleagues, and family, recently gathered to welcome and celebrate the aviation career achievements of fourteen Caymanian pilots, both seasoned and new.

The Twin Otter DHC-6 fleet celebrated the addition of two current pilots being upgraded to Captain: Captain Andrew Anderson, promoted to Captain in June 2022; and Captain Ronald McLean, promoted to Captain in December 2022.  Additionally, the company welcomed four new pilots to this fleet: First Officer Nathan Myers, hired in November 2022; First Officer Leanni Tibbetts, hired in January 2023; First Officer Jessica Ebanks, who is currently undergoing training; and First Officer Zachary Powery, also in training. 

On the Saab 340B+ fleet, Captain Crystal Godet was promoted in October 2022 from a Twin Otter DHC-6 Captain to a Saab 340B+ Captain, and Captain Lachlan Dyett is currently undergoing training to be promoted from a Twin Otter DHC-6 Captain to a Saab 340B+ Captain. Additionally, First Officer Shawn Larson was promoted in November 2022 from a Twin Otter DHC-6 First Officer to a Saab 340B+ First Officer and First Officer Amber Hydes, is in training to be promoted from a Twin Otter DHC-6 First Officer to a Saab 340B+ First Officer.

Two pilots were promoted from the Saab 340B+ fleet to the B737-8 jet fleet: First Officer Jeremy Miller in February 2023 and First Officer Diego McCoy in January 2023.

Two current pilots on the B737-8 fleet were upgraded to Captain: Captain Troy McCoy, promoted to Captain in December 2022 and Captain Tarik Goring, promoted to Captain in February 2023.

Notably, in addition to all fourteen pilots being Caymanian, many were also next-generation Cayman Airways employees, having grown up with family members who were either CAL pilots or employees, as noted by Cayman Airways President and CEO, Mr. Fabian Whorms.

“For decades, this airline has been committed to developing local talent and providing opportunities for Caymanians to pursue careers in aviation, investing in the future of the airline and the Cayman economy," said Mr. Whorms. "Seeing this next generation of employees is the fruit of that commitment. We are confident that these employees having an existing connection to the company will translate into a strong sense of loyalty and commitment to the airline, as well as ensure a deep understanding of its values and culture.”

The event, held on the eve of International Women’s Day, also recognized CAL's five female pilots, who now make up 12% of the airline's pilot contingent: B737-8 First Officer Giselah Ebanks; Saab 340B+ Captain Crystal Godet; Saab 340B+ First Officer Amber Hydes; Twin Otter DHC-6 First Officer Leanni Tibbetts; and Twin Otter DHC-6 First Officer Jessica Ebanks.

Mr. Whorms noted that Cayman Airways is excited to see such talented and capable female pilots joining the CAL team, adding that they will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the airline and the aviation industry as a whole.



Pictured standing from left are: Captain Andrew Anderson; First Officer Zachary Powery; Captain Troy McCoy; First Officer Jeremy Miller; Captain Ronald McLean; Captain Tarik Goring; First Officer Nathan Myers; and First Officer Diego McCoy.

Seated from left are: First Officer Leanni Tibbetts; First Officer Jessica Ebanks; First Officer Amber Hydes; and Captain Crystal Godet.  

Missing from the photo are Captain Lachlan Dyett and First Officer Shawn Larson.