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La Ceiba passengers reminded to complete immigration documents before arriving at the airport

Cayman Airways Limited (CAL) is reminding passengers travelling to La Ceiba that, to help prevent delaying their flight, all travel documents required by the Honduran Government for entry into the country must be completed and submitted online before arriving at the airport to check in.

The Honduran government recently made it mandatory for all passengers (or the head of a family travelling together) of all nationalities travelling to and from Honduras, to complete their customs declaration form online using this link: Therefore, manual forms are no longer being provided at Cayman Airways check-in counters.

Only for Nicaraguan nationals travelling to Honduras, the immigration “prechequeo” is still mandatory for entry into the country, and the “authorization to travel” request must be submitted seven (7) days prior to the travel date using the following links: or

When checking in for their flight, passengers must present evidence of approved travel documents to enter the country, or they will not be able to travel.

Cayman Airways is reminding all passengers travelling to any destination that it is their sole responsibility to research and secure the travel documents required for entry in to the country they are travelling to. Per global industry standards, Cayman Airways reserves the right to deny boarding of passengers who are noncompliant with customs and immigration entry requirements at the time of check-in for their flight, at the passenger’s expense.