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Flight Schedule



Jet Service - International and Domestic Flights 



Domestic Flights - Jet and Express Service

PLEASE NOTE: This schedule is subject to changes that may not be reflected right away on this page. So if you're planning a trip, please check flight availability using the booking window on our website, or call Cayman Airways Reservations on: 345-949-2311; 1-800-422-9626 (toll free in the USA); 866-759-1372 (toll free in Jamaica); or 800-2791-9422 (toll free in Honduras).


Cayman Airways reminds all passengers of the following:

  • Passengers are responsible for researching and securing the necessary documents required for entry into any country.
  • Check-in time for international flights is three (3) hours before scheduled departure, or 2 hours for those who successfully check-in online, whether they have bags to check or not. Counters will be closed 1 hour before departure for check-in in order to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Passengers must ensure that they arrive with all required documentation for travel. Passengers not checked-in on time, and passengers who do not present the required travel documents, will not be able to travel.