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Check-in time for all jet flights is closed one hour before the flight’s scheduled departure time, including domestic jet flights to and from the Sister Islands.

For passengers travelling on Cayman Airways Express Twin Otter and Saab domestic flights, check-in time closes at 30 minutes prior to departure.

For all international jet flights, Cayman Airways recommends passengers arrive at the airport at least three to four hours prior to departure to check-in. Alternatively, passengers may check-in online at, but must arrive at the airport at least 2 -3 hrs prior to departure for passport or document verification and to check bags. Security Checkpoint lines may be longer than usual due to mutiple flights departing around the same time.

Passenger boarding will close 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure for all flights.

Passengers not checked in by the specified check-in closure times or do not present at the departure gate before the 15 minute boarding deadline will be unable to travel.

To help expedite the check-in process at the airport, passengers are encouraged to pay for their bag fees in advance at any Cayman  Airways ticket office, via Cayman Airways Reservations or on using the manage my booking feature in the days leading up to their travel date.